Wednesday Journal Endorses Matt Baron For the District 200 OPRF High School Board

The only publication that issues endorsements in all local contested races, the Wednesday Journal of Oak Park and River Forest, has selected me to be among the four individuals that it recommends for the District 200 High School Board of Education. In its endorsement, the Journal states:

“Matt Baron┬áhas distinguished himself in recent years as president of the Oak Park Library Board. During his tenure, the library has brought true innovation to the ways it engages with library visitors previously seen only as annoyances and intruders. Now he is bringing his common-sense compassion to the school board along with his remarkably wide network of community members. That ability to connect will come in handy on this board.”

This is affirmation of our efforts to offer a Vibrant Voice for the Whole Community–but it doesn’t guarantee election.

That is where your endorsement–and spreading the word about the issues that I stand on–is crucial! With 12 days to go until Election Day (and Early Voting now in its fourth day at Oak Park Village Hall), there is still work to be done to ensure I have the opportunity to serve on the D200 Board and make a positive impact for all students and the whole community!

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