D200’s Bloated Piggy Bank–And Picking Up the Pace To Regain Public Trust

One of the benefits of online communication is the ability to make revision upon revision–without having to throw away any tangible material. Press “delete” here, insert a new phrasing there, connect a few points more clearly on top of that, and then click “save.”

But when the time comes to deploy old-fashioned printed material, that’s where the buck–and all the fine-tuning–has to come to a stop. Such was the case for me last week as I put the finishing touches on my campaign brochure.

And the discipline of having to “write tight,” as my newspaper editors used to say, spurred on even more clarity of thought. The interior panels of my campaign brochure are pictured below.

My three key positions remain the same: Equity in Action, Authentic Engagement and Wise Fiscal Stewardship. However, the writing within each position includes some new insights that build on my long-standing priorities as I seek one of four open seats on the D200 High School Board of Education.

Excerpting from the “Wise Fiscal Stewardship” portion:

In the last four years, D200 has reduced its cash reserves from more than $130 million to slightly less than $100 million. That figure is still more than double what is necessary to be fiscally responsible.

True equity and excellence for all is impossible under the shadow of this bloated piggy bank. Until D200 reaches proper financial standards, it will struggle to regain public trust. I am eager to help accelerate confidence in this indispensable institution.

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